Monday, November 30, 2009

Interline Travel FAIL

I have a degree in Communications specializing in Photojournalism. I double majored in Sociology as well. The Communications degree required quite a bit a writing via journalism courses. I also studied people and groups in social situations.....not that that is at all relevant to my rant. is a site I used for our first cruise. The company is based nearby and it was fairly painless.

While looking at rates for the next cruise I saw this posting.

NCL Dawn - 5 Nt Western Caribbean Cruise sailing roundtrip from Miami stopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel on

  • Jan. 24, 2010 - $199/Inside       $229/Oceanview       $329/Oceanview with Balcony      $529/Junior Suite Cat. JS      from $99/3rd & 4th persons - Get extra cabins for family & friends at the same rate!

Now reading this posting (which is located behind a members access login) one would think that for the January 24th sailing I can get an inside cabin for anyone I call family or friends for $199 a person. Pretty clear right? No asterisk or notations. Apparently I am illiterate.

When I contacted the company yesterday I was advised that NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) doesn't offer interline rates to friends and family. I was confused. I then cut and pasted the above and emailed it back to the representative who skated the issue and replied back with a generic statement. WT?F?!?!

So I won't be using them. I did find a site ( )that actually states the NCL policy.

Interline Eligibility
• Employees of Airlines who are IATA/ARC appointed
• Employees of Cargo Airlines
• Employee's Parents & In Laws
• Spouse of the Employee
• Dependent children (under 21 yrs. of age)
• Retired employees of airlines currently in operation

• Employee's parents & In Laws are eligible to sail without the employee
• Friends are eligible when sharing a cabin with an eligible interline person

So simple. So clear. I am an employee of an airline who is IATA appointed. Clearly my dad, mother in law and father in law are good to go...they can even go without me! Friends can go if they are in the same cabin as someone who qualifies. So my sister and law and her girlfriend can go if they stay in our room, my in laws room or if we share a room on paper. Same goes for anyone else.  I don't know why the first site couldn't clearly state the policy.

With that said I am going to keep an eye on how full the boat is getting. My sister in law won't know if she can go until December 15th. I am going to hold off booking as long as possible so she can get the better rate. Last time we went we booked a week prior and got one of the last two rooms.

When booking a cruise online I can pick the exact room I want and thus can see how many rooms are available.


Sink is fixed. Wasn't too hard. Kelli has been banned from peeling potatoes in the sink.

I ripped my Pioneer Avic D3, bluetooth, XM radio and backup camera out of my car last night. Not ripped...uninstalled.

Now that I have free turn by turn on my phone, have a Zune and my car came with factory bluetooth....I don't really use the Avic much anymore.

I found that I can sell the main unit back to Crutchfield for $290. Not sure about the other bits. I might try Craigslist or eBay first. I paid quite a bit more for it.

I am in the process of reinstalling the factory radio. Almost done. Just have to reinstall the Kenwood subwoofer. I do like the factory bluetooth a little better. It's voice activated. I simply say, " call Kelli" and...well ya calls Kelli. Easy.

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