Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pretending too fly

Today is my yearly 4 hour session in the simulator. It's a pretty long day. I have a 10:30 show time prior to my session. The session starts at noon. There are a few breaks, but not enough time to eat a meal. Kinda sucks.

Heritage Family Dentist billing is still horrible.

Apparently Mazda is no longer a part of Ford. My AMR discount no longer applies to Mazda vehicles. Guess I won't be buying a Mazda next time. I do really like the new Ford SYNC system though. Lots of geek points.

I have eaten Grits for breakfast everyday for like a month.'s Grits.

Kelli is going to see the vampire porn movie that is New Moon today.

My mother in law is in need of a new cell phone. Her current phone is a vintage flip phone. Barely color. She uses Verizon who has the new Droid phone. The Droid might be too much phone for her. I recommended she get the Samsung Rogue. It's a nice size touch screen phone with a full keyboard. It will be a huge step up for her. Cnet posted a very good review of the phone. It has Facebook and Internet capabilities.

Kelli used to have a simple cell phone as well. Right before her current T-Mobile G1 she had a phone with a near full keyboard. Now that she has a smart phone she will never go back. Prior to though she stated all she needed was a phone. Kelli also protested a laptop....then a Macbook. She uses her Macbook on the couch almost as much as I do. See....mere mortals don't know what they need. Geeks know what you need. Listen to the geeks. Our offspring will grow up with a netbook in the crib. The offspring will type 50 WPM by age 3.

Kelli ironed today. Kelli never irons.

I've used Kelli's name a lot in this blog.

Got little more than a month until Christmas. Shop now avoid the rush.

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