Monday, November 16, 2009

Just another coughing Monday

Still coughing. Official record.

Saturday night we went out with Eric and Angela from (I would make a but Kelli seems to think she is above blogging as given evidence by We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I had the second hottest flavor. It hurt. But good. We then hung out at their place. Good times. They live in Wiley. That area is exploding. On the corner in front of their house is a Taco Bell, Wendy's and an Arby's. Everywhere Kelli eats. Kelli wants to move.

Looking at maybe taking our free cruise in January. If we can't go we will try to give it away to a family member then friend. We will see.

I'm thinking I will have 21,000 miles on my Mazda5 when I get to March 2011 and then end of my lease. I paid for 36,000 miles. I will have to choose between selling it, keeping it or trading it in. Hmmmm. Choices. I will say it's been a great vehicle. Very versatile, great gas mileage for the size (always 25MPG+), roomy and I will dare to say stylish.

Kelli has almost 70,000 miles on her Prius. Her extended warranty runs out next year. Hope it keeps running.

Dell has a new line of computers our that fascinate me. The line is the Inspiron Zino HD (link here). They are a small form factor (8 inches by 8 inches) computer line that have powerful features. Even the base model  at just $229 has a HDMI port. This could EASILY be a media center computer. I'm giving it strong thought for Christmas. I could also grab one for our Zune server. Currently I have  fairly large size computer in the bedroom on the dresser that charges and syncs our Zunes. It's overkill. The Zino HD would be perfect. Hmmm. You can even get pretty colors on them.

We might hit Vegas next month.

Apparently my mother in law is coming to Texas in January. She normally visits in September. Hmmm.....

We saw 2012. The suspension of disbelief required exceeded my tolerance.

Gotta study for my simulator check Friday.

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