Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Will the real Darren Byrd please stand up!

Finding people...tracking them down....can be kinda hard.

For example...if you search for Darren Byrd in Google....some damn baseball player comes up. Not me. However at the BOTTOM of that Google search is me...via my Google profile. If someone searches Darren Byrd Nacogdoches...or Darren Byrd Time Warner....they will find my Google Profile.

My Google Profile was made by me. It has basic data about where I've lived and worked. If someone from my past is looking for me they will find my Google Profile (assuming they are using bet). On the Google Profile page is a link to send me a message. Very nice. This would be great for women as they can list their maiden names as well.

Take a few moments and create a Google profile....just do it. Unless you don't want to be found....but what fun is there in that?

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