Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heritage Family Dentist Colleyville, Tx Review

The title of this blog serves a purpose. Hopefully those searching for a dentist will steer clear of this place.

I initially went here because Kelli went there. My first visit was in December 2008. On the first visit they "recommended" a deep cleaning not covered by insurance. $1100 later I left thinking I paid for that visit.

Over the next few months they had me in regularly. At each visit I would pay whatever they asked. They seemed to really want to max out my insurance ASAP. After a bit of work I got to a stopping point in February. I still need more work done, but my insurance was maxed out. I left and was told I owed nothing else.

Nine months later I get a bill for a very size able amount....nearly as much as I earn in one month. Along with this bill come several insurance statements that looked like bills. I tried matching the bill from the dentist to the insurance bills. They didn't match. I called the insurance company to get an explanation. They told me to fill out the forms and fax them back. I did. I then tried to call Heritage Family Dentist. I left messages. No one called back. I then get another bill from the dentist. Somehow it went down via a payment from the insurance company. When I called the insurance company they show no payments to the dentist since March. Confused. Additionally the insurance company explained all the forms I was getting from them were the result of the dentist actions.

For lack of a better term the dentist was "fishing". The dentist submitted all of these procedures they wanted to do and wanted to see how much the insurance company would pay. Why?

The work done by the office was fine. The billing procedures leave much to be desired. To date they haven't explained why it took 9 months to send a bill and when they did it was for such a large amount. A simple phone call/letter explaining that I still had a balance sometime in the last 9 months would have allowed me to plan for the expense. Instead I get a huge bill with 3 weeks to pay it.

Needless to say Kelli and I will not be back to Heritage Family Dentist. I would advise those looking for a dentist to look elsewhere.

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