Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Better luck in Vegas?

Small post @Byrdintheoven.com. Our attempts at procreation failed this month. Kelli thought it was a go. Strips proved otherwise. Since we have a few weeks until the stars align again we are penciling in a trip to Vegas during the first full week of Vegas December.

It appears to most I will save with Progressive Insurance Myrate is 17% or $46. According to a reply to my last post this INCLUDES the $30 technology fee. If that holds true it will be worth it.


It's neat seeing my average driving habits. I drive very little on Fridays. That 20.2 miles is the exact distance from the garage, up thru the middle of the airport, to the employee lot and back. The airport is just 5 miles away, the employee lot for my terminal is on the north side of the airport while we live on the south side of the airport. Anyways on the average day I take 3 trips for 48 minutes, 24.6 miles and never have panic or near panic stops. Go me!

I am hoping Kelli and I will start cooking more soon. Kelli's cooking is limited to the crock pot. The old saying that "the way to a mans heart is through his stomach," was lost on Kelli. Unless Hot Pockets count.

There is a new service coming up called Sezmi Tv. Cable TV channels....over the air...unlimited DVR....for $25 a month. More here.

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