Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the end of the world as we know it

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I am sick.

My illness started a WEEK ago today. Seeing as I got a flu shot over two months ago, I think there is a good chance I had either a REALLY bad cold or H1N1. It was pretty bad. Since Saturday I have had a cough.

I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS yesterday. The nurse gave me a script for Benzonatate. I asked her point blank if this causes drowsiness/nausea and that I'm a pilot. She clearly stated I had nothing to worry about.

Seeing as I am a broke ass I wanted to see if the script would be covered by Walmarts $4 prescription drug program. If not I would end up paying $20 through insurance at CVS. After looking it up on my phone I saw it was covered. Nice.

In addition to the Benzonatate she prescribed Mucinex. Once I got home I read the bottle for Benzonatate....it has stickers galore! "May cause drowsiness, use caution when driving or operating heavy machinery". Also "May cause nausea". WTF?!!? I can't take these meds and fly a plane.

Wanting a good night sleep (I coughed a lot the last three nights) I took the Benzonatate and the Mucinex. Bad idea.

When I went to bed I was coughing more than ever. In addition my sinuses were becoming very congested. It got so bad I slept in the guest bedroom to keep from bothering Kelli.

I coughed from 9:45PM till 11:30PM. Finally I had enough. I couldn't breathe thru my nose....I was tired.

Months ago I bought sleep aids when I was having problems sleeping. I knew there was one left.

For a reason I can't explain, Kelli and I keep our drugs in the kitchen. I raided the shelves. Finally I found the little blue gel cap. I turned to open it. The gel cap (perfectly round) rolled UNDER the fridge. NOOOOOO!

I was desperate. I reached down to find it. Nothing but 5 years of dust. I used pen to flick stuff out. Finally it rolled out. After a good washing off in the sink I popped it. Nice. Sleep at last.

This morning. I woke up somewhat better. The Mucinex wore off. I can breathe again. Not going to work. If I don't feel better by noon I wam going to go to a real Doctor.


In other news I should get kickbacks from Apple. Since I bought a Macbook Pro in April 2008 I've convinced 4 other Mac purchases.

First was Kelli and her Macbook. Then my sister in law, Jami, got a Macbook. Then my mother in law, Peggy, bought an Imac. Yesterday my brother in law, Kevin, bought a Macbook. Seeeesh. Only person left on that side of the family is my brother in law Bryan.

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