Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to the real world

I went back to work yesterday. Kelli goes back today.

Having not flown in two weeks (in the cockpit anyway), I was a little slower than I used to be on getting things done. Ideally the Captain would take the first leg and I can get back into the groove. Nah he gave it to me.

Everything was fine until landing. I lined the plane up with the runway in Little Rock. Night time. Runway lights looked great. I took moment and realized something didn't look right. Oh yeah...I needed to descend! I was quite a bit high about 1 mile short of the runway (shorter than you think). With a quick snap of my wrist I quickly descended back to where I should be. Somehow I even managed a nice landing.

Still looking forward to going back to Tokyo.

I installed a new application for Windows 7 called Connectify ( . This allows me to turn a laptop/computer into a true hotspot. Why? Well for when Kelli and I travel together we can pay for just ONE hotspot fee versus two. The software only requires one wifi splits the card into two allowing one side to connect to the wifi signal and the other too allow others too connect. WPA2 is required for security. I also use the software to connect my G1 and Zune HD while sitting at the airport. Setup was easy and best of all it's free. The company found code that Microsoft left in tact, but incomplete inside Windows 7. Awesome.

I installed Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade on my Netbook. No issues. Macbook Pro is next.

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