Monday, November 23, 2009

I'll be somewhere for Thanksgiving

I head back to work thru Saturday. Not sure where I will be. Maybe I will be home. Maybe not. Kelli and I bought food for Thanksgiving in case I am home.

Penciling in Vegas on December 6th. I was trying to work in the Los Angeles Autoshow as well. Not gonna happen this year.

I have an idea for a way cool vacation for January. Waiting on Kelli's approval. The vacation involves a short flight. Her Dr. doesn't like the idea of Kelli flying while knocked up. Eh.

I looked at what the insurance difference would be if I replaced my Mazda5 with a Ford Mustang GT....$260 a year increase. Ouch.

Yesterday I reinstalled Mac OS X and a retail copy of Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro. Happier now.

No idea what we are getting each other for Christmas.

I have New Years Eve off. I won't know about New Years Day until December 20th. If I have it

When we travel we normally carry along our GPS. The GPS has a 3 year old database...but it works for major cities. No longer!

Yesterday I installed Google Navigation for my G1. Previously the program was ONLY for Android 2.0 software. I was jealous.

The Google Navigation software is a full navigation system. It has text to speech and plays thru the speaker. It automatically displays traffic/construction delays. It also uses street view to show you what the ACTUAL turn looks like. You see an actual photo of the anticipated turns and directions. Nutty. Very easy to use. Best of!!!!

My mother in law ended up with a different Verizon phone. She bought an EvTouch . I saw this phone but ASSUMED it was touch screen only. Nope. Full keyboard. My mother in law has entered the digital age. The phone even has a data plan.

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