Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Less coughing....made my death bed

Stopped by another medical office. Never saw a real Doctor. I used CareNow's "Web-Checkin". This is supposed to allow you to hang out at home until they are ready too see you. Once you get there you should be taken to a room and seen quickly. Yeah.

I checked in at 3:30PM. I was called at 4:30PM. I arrived at 4:50PM. Taken to a room at 4:55PM. I then sat there until 5:45PM!!!!! WTF?!?!?! Literally as I was standing up to leave a Physicians Assistant walked in. No idea what's wrong. Chest X-Ray. Nothing. Prescribed 875MB of Amoxicillin. I stopped by Target to get it filled. Target also has $4 prescriptions. The great thing is their computers give you the discount automatically even if you have insurance. My dose was way too high to be covered so I paid $10. The prescription was ready in 15 minutes which is 3X faster than Wal-Mart. Target is my new Pharmacy.

Still coughed all night. Slept in the guest bedroom. Ugh. I need to get my affairs in order. Never been sick for a week. Today is day 8.

Had a dream the other night Kelli was pregnant with twins. She was telling her mom and sister when I walked by. I was pissed. Twin!?!?!?!? WTF! Kelli is an overachiever in many ways. Whenever we decide to try again she will have to mellow down and be normal...maybe even an underachiever. Those eggs better recognize!

Off to work. Flying to Little Rock, Arkansas. One leg there. Long overnight. Then I hop in a hotel van tomorrow morning at 4:30AM for a 5:40AM flight back to DFW. This is the overnight from the article I posted last week.

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