Monday, November 23, 2009

Another reason I don't have dogs

Had a nice weekend. Flew to Cleveland Saturday night on overtime. Beautiful flight. The Marriott hotel we stay in was recently overhauled. It now very trendy. Problem I have is the thermostat in the rooms.

When I walked in it was on 69 degrees....and not running. It was no where near that cold in the room. I turned it all the way down to ran for 5 minutes and shut off. I pulled out my portable atomic alarm clock/thermometer. It showed 71 degrees. I turned the fan on the air conditioner just to get air flow. It was warm all night...with stiff air. The bed weren't comfy either. Glad I don't stay there often.

The flight back was also nice. Due to non-existent winter winds we were 45 minutes early! Since I was on overtime I still get the full projected value of the flight. I flew for 4 hours 58 minutes but was paid for 5 hours 45 minutes. Score! Overtime is only an extra 20% though. Eh.

We had lunch with friends we haven't seen in 6+ months on Sunday. One of them, Wendy, recently had a baby. Doing very well. Hopefully we won't wait another six months to hang out.

Kelli's dogs go in a fight Sunday. I saw this coming. The boy dogs are both very aggressive when playing with the toy balls. Yesterday Kelli was playing with them at the same time. Sure enough Vegas had part of his ear bitten off by Doogie. Blood all over the to the vet Vegas went. One hundred fifty dollars later Vegas was back home. Another reason I don't have dogs.

I go back to work tomorrow. Work Tuesday thru Saturday. There are a lot of open trips so I am pretty sure I will be gone on Thanksgiving. Ironically flights to Sacramento, Portland and New York are all open....we could have gone to see family.

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