Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm on a boat! Well I will be

For the second year in a row I was able to spend Thanksgiving with Kelli....actually I have spent every Thanksgiving with Kelli. I have missed a Christmas a few times though.

The cruise is penciled in heavily. We will be sailing on the Norwegian Dawn on January 24th. Still not sure which cabin. Most likely the $199 per person inside cabins. My mother and father in law are in. My sister in law, Jami,  and her daughter along with my sister in laws girlfriend, Kelly, might go as well.

Years ago Kelli and I told Jami to get an airline miles card. She American Airlines card. She just checked her miles...over 78,000! Enough for three tickets to Miami to get on the cruise. Score. My mother in law should soooo get a Continental One Pass credit card. She would have enough miles in two months to get first class tickets to Miami. Eh.

Not buying anything today for Black Friday. I did score two down comforters from Sears for $20 a piece. Gotta pick them up some time this weekend. Damn...I bought comforters on.....not computer stuff....I'm getting old.

I've used Windows 7 more than Mac OS X over the last week. Still using Mac OS X for my photo library. That's about it. Maybe this is a fad?

Anyone else who wants to go on a 5 day cruise leaving January 24th at 4PM from Miami and returning the following Friday at 8AM.... shoot me an email. My name @ .

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