Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Thinking about going on a cruise in January. Would like to drag the inlaws along as they both have (or will soon have) fancy new passports. We can go on the same cruise we went on last time for $129 a person for an inside room or $199 a person for a balcony room.

I love Google Navigation. Combined with Google Latitudes...amazing.

Below is a list of websites that I will no longer use. They all partnered with "promotion" sites that scammed people out of millions of dollars. I've seen the scam. Once you made a purchase from Buy.com for example, a box would pop up asking if you wanted a coupon for your next order. By simply giving them your email....that's it.....you are enrolled in a $10+ monthly discount group. Again you don't give them your credit card number...Buy.com (or whoevery you made the legit purchase thru) GIVES THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO. I'm sure there is some fine print I have never seen. Anyways here's the list of bad companies.


Classmates.com has been scammy for a while. Surprised to see US Airways...kinda...they are hurting financially. Beyond Buy.com the only other sites I used were Pizza Hut, Hertz and 800 Flowers.

A small chance I will be home at least 1/2 of Thanksgiving.

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