Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate being sick

Flew with a Captain who was clearly sick earlier this week. Two hours confined in a small space will almost always mean transfer of germs. Happened. He would sneeze and cough and said it was allergies....allergies my ass. I'm finally 99% over it.

This is my last day of yearly training. Haven't learned much in the way of new stuff....a good thing as it's designed to be a review.

We are still planning on heading to Houston to have lunch with my dad tomorrow.

Kelli's Zune was acting up. Took me over an hour to figure it out. I had to erase all the music and start from scratch. We share the same main library of music. I simply went thru and put on everything that looked like crap or 80's music.....kinda the same thing. I went to bed after getting 700 songs on it. That's enough for one day.

Still enjoying my Zune HD. I miss the video out. I wish it had bluetooth. Oh well.

Does are still alive.

My father in law is involved with a new hybrid car that never has to be plugged in. The Discovery Channel is financing and following a trip across the country in the car to test it. He will be stopping in Dallas. Should be very cool.

Off to my last day of training. We get to hop in the cabin trainer and play with emergency doors, fire extinguishers and cool stuff....oh and take a final exam.

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