Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Windows 7.....it's that good

Installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my Netbook. Runs great. I still have a release candidate using dual boot on my Macbook Pro. I find myself using Windows 7 almost as much as Mac OS X lately. Windows 7 really is that good.

When I'm on overnights I normally use my laptop/netbook to recharge my cell phone. Last night I had my netbook, but forgot my netbook charger. Thankfully the hotel I stayed at (  ) has powered USB ports....just gotta plug in a USB cable. Worked great. I love the Cambria Suites.....awesome breakfast.

Ever since being back from Tokyo I've been dragging ass. I need caffeine nearly non-stop. This sucks.

I go to ground training the rest of the week. Once a year I have to go back to the school house and great training to make sure I'm up too par. I get three days of 8-5...nice.

We are planning on flying to Houston to have lunch with my dad Saturday. Yeah Kelli said she was done flying....don't know what she was thinking.

Loving Google Voice. I now have my cell phone voice mail being handled by Google Voice. All voicemails I get period will now be transcribed to text and emailed/text'ed to my phone. Lovely.

My plane is getting a first class section next year. I was hoping there would be a front lavatory...nope...still just one in the rear. There will be meals on board though....maybe they will stock extra for the crews.

Yeah...prolly not.

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