Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The First Snow is Here

2009-12-02 08.05.57

The first snow of the year is here. There will be a ton of car accidents today. Texans freak out when it rains. They go clinically nuts when it snows. Many will assume any SUV can go 80 MPH on the highway because it's a SUV. They can also take corners at full speed....because it's a SUV. God Bless Texas. No really God Bless Texas.

Flew to Little Rock, Arkansas and back yesterday on overtime. The Captain walked on board and said, "isn't this great overtime, $300 for a quick 2 1/2 hours." I replied...."$300 for you, $100 for me." Okay so it's $108 for me. Eh. One day I will make "big money". Enough that I can pickup a simple 4 hours and earn enough for a car payment/TV/bad ass toy for the offspring.

I kind want a Nook instead of a Kindle. The Nook however is being severely delayed. Hmmm.

I sleep with headphones on EVERY night at home. Not comfy. I found Sleep Phones. Either getting them for Christmas for for myself. Heard a review of them yesterday from Leo Laporte (part of my TWIT podcast). He loved them. Sold.

Kelli is going to be a road warrior...kinda. She's flying to Burbank, CA tomorrow to testify. She then flies back Friday evening. Sunday we fly to Santa Ana, CA.

Almost done putting my car stereo back together.

Liking my new diet program. Able to eat low salt and low calories. Right now I am eating 28 Weight Watchers points a day. Not hungry and it's easy to use.

Off to find long underwear on Amazon. I bought my current sets in Chicago 2 years ago. Hard to find around DFW.


  1. What is this obsession you and Eric have with Leo Laporte? If he said it was cool to jump off a 10 story building would you do it?? :)

  2. Don't dare question the wisdom of Leo Laporte or those that follow him. And yes if he said that I could increase the performance of my computer by jumping off a 10 story building....I would be a fool not too jump.