Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making the world that much better

I've been blogging since before I knew what blogging was. I bought this domain name back in 2001. It's had several designs and formats. After about a year of resisting I finally switched to blogging software after using good old Frontpage and HTML for years.

I have most of the old bogs. A few that I foolishly did in Flash are gone. One thing I really like about blogging is that I can look back at any of hundreds of days in the past and see exactly what I was doing or how I felt.

Back in 1995 I fell in love with photography. I was a quiet kid. Shocking I know. But I was. Kept to myself for the most part.

I found this amazing power inside of a Canon AE-1 camera. Suddenly I could stop time and record it forever. A photograph can be so much more than pulp and chemicals (or 1's and 0's now a days). A photograph is a moment of time that has been frozen that will never exist again.

Lately I don't spend enough time behind a camera. I still take a least 20 photographs a week. Every now and then I manage to take one that I can stare at for hours.

We watched Away We Go tonight. Very funny movie about an interracial couple John Krasinski. Very good movie. I found a clip of a very funny scene on Youtube. It is an illegal post taken with a camcorder...but it works. Fast forward to 30 seconds in.


31 days till the cruise.

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