Thursday, December 31, 2009

Less than a month

Less than a month until I am trapped   on a cruise ship with my in laws. Looking forward to it.

Been playing a lot of Need For Speed Shift on XBOX Live. Really fun to play with 70 year old geezers from Iowa and 10 year old punks in the same time. The voice chat is useful sometimes...other times truly annoying.

Last day of 2009. Great things will come next year.

I get a $0.30 an hour raise tomorrow.

Loving the new home theater receiver. Everything sounds better. I know it's good when even Kelli says "wow".

The new thermostat keeps the house at 65 during the night, 70 during the morning,  67 during the day (I'm home during the day) and 70 during the evening. On weekends the heater waits an extra hour to turn it up to 70. Kelli is always cold. Eh.

Bought my dad a Sony Blueray player and a few Blueray movies for Christmas. The prices have dropped big time. We paid $250 for ours (that was AFTER a 25% discount thru Amazon) just a year ago. I only paid $120 for his. His is just as good as ours. I made sure to get a profile 2.0 player so he can watch Netflix streaming movies and more. My mother in law should get a Blueray many TV shows and movies I am sure she would watch via Netflix streaming. Maybe next time Kelli and I go to Oregon we will upgrade her tech again.

Excited about the next Google phone....the Nexus One.

Kelli's dogs have started to be more annoying lately. Vegas and Doogie are pissing all over their area....which is just behind the couch...which makes the living room smell.

Headed to Des Moines, Iowa today on overtime. This is my cruise fun money. I will work for 5 hours 10 minutes but only be paid for 3 hours 40 minutes. Flight crews are only paid for the time the plane is moving (really when the main door is closed and parking brake is released). The time before the flight, in Des Moines and after the flight in Dallas I am paid a whole $1.75 an hour per diem. Still This overtime trip will net me about $150....more than I earn sitting on the couch.

We've decided to stay with Progressive for car insurance. The biggest reason is the MyRate program giving us an extra $46 off. That equates to 14% off. The most one can save is 25%. I wonder how much LESS I need to drive to get that big of a discount.

As of right now I drive an average of 23.1 miles a day for 45 minutes and never hit the brakes hard. Hitting the brakes "hard" is slowing down faster than 7 MPH per second. Kelli would get nailed with hard brakes if her car were eligible. My trip to work is 9.7 miles there and 10.4 miles home. Pretty boring.

Big stuff happenin' in 2010. We are gonna drop it likes it's hot!

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