Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Nexus One

The next phone "to have" comes out tomorrow. Google is expected to release the Nexus One. The next "IPhone" killer. Every new phone is supposed to be an IPhone killer.

The Nexus One is slimmer than an IPhone....much nicer screen.....faster CPU......and the best part's not an IPhone. It runs the same Operating System that Kelli and I run on our phones. The bad part is....expected $530 price tag. No thanks. I'll wait.

My Macbook Pro is almost two years old. Birthday coming up. The big 33...same forwards are backwards.

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee. Our weekly grocery bill will now be $5 higher as Dunkin Donuts coffee cost $5 more than the crap inexpensive coffee I used too buy. Kelli bought me a pound of it for Christmas. It's amazing. Much more robust and flavorful than Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts coffee actually cost MORE than Starbucks. Yum.

There is nothing on TV lately. Kelli and I are playing  a lot of Scrabble on XBOX 360. I'm getting better....which angers Kelli.

I've been listening to Audio books lately. Not the books on tape for yore...but books narrated by famous actors or the author themselves. First was More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman (the Windows guy on the Apple commercials). I listened to the book as a download from . Very high quality audio that plays on a number of devices.

Less than 3 weeks until our first vacation of the year. Kelli and I FLEW 42110 miles together last year. This doesn't include the trips we took solo (Kelli went to NY and CA by herself and I went to Michigan, Vegas, NY, DC and Houston by myself). Of those 42110 miles only 12000 were flown to Tokyo and back. We flew a lot. This a feeling the total miles will be much less. I sometimes wonder how many miles  I fly a year period. Then my head starts to hurt.


  1. I am sure that you know that your new Nexus phone came out today... Come on $179 bucks with a new 2 year contract :) I like the Android myself (then again all we really have is Verizon up here anyway)... And Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best...

  2. sign up for the dunkin delivery! The evil empire aka wallyworld has is cheaper than most. Target also!