Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome and my wife

Yesterday I missed another appointment with Kelli. It's the second of many I am sure I will miss. My job isn't very flexible sometimes.

Kelli is infested with a leech. The leech is sucking away vital resources from her. She has grown attached to the leach (this is similar to Stockholm Syndrome) and takes daily injections to keep the leech....leeching. Here is a photo of the leech:

[singlepic id=1605 w=640 h=480 float=center]

I can already see the effect of melding my primary oxygen fetcher with Kelli's. The nose CLEARLY has the same upslope that Kelli has. is updated. Kelli was writing weekly blogs for the past month or so but didn't hit the publish button until today.

We finally took the plunge and upgraded our toll tags to the new sticker kind. Previously we had these sizeable rectangles velcro'd to our windshields. The problem was the velcro would get hot in the summer and the tolltag would fall off. My windshield has a bunch of old goo I need to remove.

I wanted to get new one's by mail. Not possible. We had to do it in person. Much happier now.

Kelli made an interesting comment yesterday. She loves the interface on her Zune HD....but not her T-Mobile G1. I don't ask Kelli much about technology or gadgets because I thought she see's most things as just appliances. For a long time she wanted just a cell phone, a basic laptop and she used the same clunky XM radio for years. Getting her to change isn't easy.

I agree with her that the touchscreen on the Zune is much more responsive and smooth than the G1. Playing the limited number of games on the Zune is more enjoyable than the G1. Browsing the web is MUCH nicer on the Zune than the G1. I wouldn't mind a Microsoft phone with the Zune's interface and smoothness.

Kelli doesn't say much about her Macbook but I am pretty sure she won't want to go back to Windows anytime soon. In the short course of less than 18 months her family has purchased 3 Macs. Once nice side effect....the number of support calls to me has dropped by 99%.

I bought a few vacation shirts from Nothing offensive. I need to dig out an old shirt I bought for the trip to Hawaii. My "I'm With Stupid Shirt" was disliked by everyone on the trip. Can't wait.


  1. Please stop referring to your baby as a leech! When he/she grows up he/she will really resent you for that! ;)

  2. Angela have you not seen the other names?
    Week One – Offspring
    Week Two – Money Pit
    Week Three – Parasite
    Week Four – B-Pain (for Breast Pain)
    Week Five – Chastity (not a nice name)

  3. Congrats to Kelli and yourself on the "leech" :) And yea Week Five lasted till like Month 7 for me... then dont forget the emotional rollercoaster and the food cravings on top of that! And the delivery, no matter what they say DONT hold there hand... Grab one of a dummy or something... Unless you can do your job with one hand ;) Awesome times...