Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facebook kills blogs

So last week Kelli and I announced the infestation of the energy sucker at the same time. We assumed all of our friends saw the post. Nope. Quite a few of mine missed it. One friend.....who formally read THIS blog often....missed it. She found out last night when I made a post about Kelli, pregnancy and chocolate. She sent me a message stating that since I have been on Facebook....she doesn't read my blogs. Sad. I will admit for a while I got off blogging as I just posted on Facebook. Now I make an effort to update this blog and Facebook daily.

While sitting at the airport yesterday with a pilot friend of mine, he clued me in to a great idea. When the energy sucker arrives I will be eligible for FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). My friend just had his first kid. He said someone told him to break up the FMLA days off and use them over holidays. I have 12 months to use it. I won't get paid for the time off....but it could be nice to be home for the energy suckers first Christmas that it will never remember. And it's first birthday that it will never remember. And it's first hangover that it will never remember. Don't judge!

My shipment from arrived yesterday. I will be sporting my threads during the cruise.

Thought of a funny joke only I would laugh at....well maybe others will. So the energy sucker will be a little more than 1/2 Caucasian and a little less than 1/2 black/african american/negro (forgot to check with Al Sharpton for the term of the week). Anyway eventually the energy sucker will meet more people from Kelli's side of the family....specifically her mom's side of the family. When this happens Kelli and I will take our mixed race baby to seen the Koons. Just sounds funny.

Me: "Hey we are going to take our energy sucker to Oregon and see some Koons." I crack myself up.

Oh it's funny because my mother in laws maiden name is Koons. And well...they are all Caucasian.

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