Sunday, January 17, 2010

Because I can

Friday I am taking a day trip to Detroit for the 2010 North American International Auto Show. It sucks that it's in's really cold there. I went last year and enjoyed it.

Saturday is where the real fun begins. I have two plans.

Plan A: Fly to Houston George Bush airport at 7AM, rent a car, see my dad, fix his computer, eat lunch and then fly from Houston George Bush to Miami at 6PM arriving at 9:30PM.

Plan B: Fly to Houston Hobby Airport at 7:25AM, rent a car, see my dad, fix his computer, eat lunch then fly from Houston Hobby back to DFW to connect on the flight my mother and law and father in law (and probably Kelli) will be traveling on and go to Miami.

Which plan I pick largely depends on flight loads.

My Macbook Pro battery is down to almost 1/2 it's original capacity. This is my second Macbook Pro battery in less than two years. Not happy. I stay plugged in most of the time anyway. When I travel as a passenger I typically bring my netbook anyway. Still annoying.

Added another name for the creature growing inside of Kelli. It's on

Eric, Angela and Marin had no problems getting to Chicago....on Saturday. One funny thing was the seating assignments by the gate agent.

They were traveling on a MD80 which has 2 seats on one side and three on the other. Well the gate agent assigned Eric and Angela seats on the two side and Marin an isle seat on the other side. Would be kinda funny to see Marin just chilling in her aisle seat and get all fussy when someone next to her needs to get up for the restroom "What you can't go in your pants like me? Do your parents not love you?" Ha. I crack myself up.

Kelli's depth perception sucks. She's been parking the same car in the same garage on the same side of the garage for more than 4 years...almost 5. She still can't stop in close to the same spot. I don't get it. Her car isn't that long. Note to self, get a really big stroller with bumpers and a proximity sensor.

Speaking of strollers. A very nice Captain I fly with gave us a Peg-Preggo car seat that is practically brand new. This is a very fancy (and expensive listing for $275 at seat. Apparently it's part of a modular system. I've flown with this Captain a few times and told him all about Kelli and I. About a year ago Kelli was flying back from Amarillo and this Captain was flying the flight. When he heard she was on board he called her up to the cockpit and of course asked how someone so intelligent could be married to me (in a joking way). I asked myself the same thing and am thankful each time the garage door opens meaning I still live here.

The Captain gave it to me as I was sitting in the airport on standby. Thankfully Kelli was driving home at the same time as I was not looking forward to taking the baby seat on the bus. I did get a few looks as I emerged from a stairwell into the terminal in uniform carrying a baby seat. Eh.

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