Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preparing for the cruise...

The cruise is less than two weeks away. Because I am Mr. Paranoid I am going to buy 22 mile range walkie talkies for us. This way we can all stay in contact on the ship AND in ports of call.

I used a clay bar on my car to clean my paint yesterday. I then waxed  it. All the stooping took a toll on my thighs.....getting old sucks. Car looks amazing though. One annoyance is the thin paint on the hood. Lots of knicks. Gotta work on that.

I love Need For Speed Shift on the Xbox 360. I won't say how much I play on line....but it could be a second job.

My poor geeeky buddy Kerry had a terrible time sending me money recently. I arranged for her and her child to fly to Portland last month. Everything went fine. She initially tried to mail me a check. Never arrived. She then tried Paypal via checking account transfer. Paypal locked up the payment for 4 days then cancelled it. She finally Fedex'd me the money. I did have a little fun with her and told her the Fedex envelope was empty.

This weekend I am planning on arranging for Eric, Angela and Marin to Chicago. Right now the Friday night flight is a little iffy. If it were just Eric and Angela it would be doable as they could fly in First Class.  Worst case is they fly up Saturday morning. Don't know why they want to fly into that confusing, crazy, tourette's syndrome inducing airport. Well I guess it isn't so bad as a passenger. The Chicago O'hare airport does  have a truly beautifully decorated terminal.

We are watching American Idol right now. Kelli thinks if we every have kids that we should support them no matter what they want to do. I disagree. If our kid wants to be a trans-sexual gypsy dancer.....no. Additionally if any product of our DNA truly sucks at something.....I'm gonna tell them. No sugar coating coming from me. Well a little. I will guide them to be a Republican....as that's the only way they will get to heaven.


  1. You are going to have a LEFT WING LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC transexual HIPPY gypsy who LOVES glitter for a child! Wtfruit is shipping arranging?

  2. They are flying on a few of my buddy passes.....it's super standby travel. Thankfully it's a non-stop flight. I would be very hesitant if they had to connect.