Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moms gone crazy....I now know why

Right now I am sitting in seat 11A on my way to Chicago to fly to Atlanta then back to Chicago.

In front of me is a crazy lady.  I know she is crazy because I listened to her go from happy, to violently crying, to happy, to steaming mad to mellow....all in about 8 minutes. She was on her cell phone from the time she boarded until right before we took off. When the flight attendant asked her to turn off her phone she began audibly crying and telling the flight attendant how her kid is sick, her husband is an ass and that she is getting old and looks horrible.

The lady next to me and I have had great fun listening and watching this lady go crazy. Right after takeoff the crazy lady waltzed up to the front restroom where she remained for 20 minutes. When she came out, apparently someone in First Class had an issue with how long she was in there. The crazy lady then began scolding the First Class passenger for several minutes before coming back to her seat.

The crazy lady then began telling me, the lady next to me and the flight attendant about how she is allergic to everything. She then proceeded to name several of her allergies. After that she told us that she is getting old, looks horrible, she hates her hair and oh yeah her husband is an ass.

Watching this lady I have come to the assumption that pregnancy makes women crazy.  Women are normal until they have kids. We've all seen women go nuts in the middle of a store. Never men.

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