Monday, January 11, 2010

The Geek In Me

I love toys gadgets devices that make life better. Of course it is easy to get over saturated and have too many devices. I have to be very careful when bringing technology into the house as Kelli is very standoffish to new stuff. Kelli is very set in her ways.

A few years ago she thought I was crazy and ADD for building a computer to use on the couch. That spawned into my first laptop. Now we BOTH sit on the couch with laptops. She was the same way with a smart phone.....oh and an MP3 player. It would be great for both of us if we could combine a smart phone and an MP3 player. If our G1's has REAL headphone jacks that would be possible with Pandora radio. Pandora radio is a free streaming radio service. You simply tell Pandora what kind of music you like and it will program non-stop radio to your From what I have heard and read it's VERY good. Our phones can do it....but again we don't have REAL headphone jacks....and I hate dongles/adapters.  The Nexus One has a headphone jack....and runs the same software (Android) that Kelli and I love. Of course the Nexus One is $530.

Power. All my devices need power. I carry a USB battery to juice up my phone on the go. There is a new battery that has blown my mind.

It's called the Airnergy by RCA. The battery charges itself via Wifi signals. It NEVER has to be plugged in to charge. Additionally it doesn't have to "join" a network to charge. As long as there is a WiFi charges. So I can bring it home...leave it in my laptop bag...and it's charging. Walking through the's charging. It's always charging as WiFi signals are everywhere! I can't wait till it comes out. The next step is to take the technology and put it INSIDE the battery currently in the device. This could lead the way to never having to plug in your phone to charge.


Spent the weekend in Abilene, Texas. The hotel was hosting a wedding. All of the rooms are suites which all face into an open atrium. The wedding reception was being held in the atrium. The noise echoed throughout the hotel. I was put in a room off in a corner to try and shield me from the noise. This also shielded me from WiFi. Thankfully Abilene is a 3G city for T-Mobile. I simply tethered my phone to my Macbook Pro (had to use Wireless tethering inside Mac OS X) and I was good to go.

Finally...I realized I have never posted a photo of the inside of the plane I fly. Below is a shot of the cabin. I flew back an empty plane from Abilene yesterday.

[singlepic id=1603 w=640 h=480 float=center]

Total of 70 seats. The plane holds 75 including up to 5 crew members.

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