Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fat Free Gone Wrong!

Microsoft has a lot of unadvertised tools that make life better. To know about such tools one has too be a geek or in tune with the geek circle. One tool I love is Live Mesh.

I have been using Live Mesh for a while. Live Mesh allows folders to be synchronized across various computers. I used this to share photos with my mother in law. Rather than email a huge folder, I simply shared my Live Mesh folder with her. Easy. She can also copy photos into the folder.

Another tool of Live Mesh is Remote Desktop. When I built a new computer for my dad I installed Live Mesh and set it up so I could easily connect in without him having to do anything. I have connected in a few times to help him with problems. Last night I connected in and installed the latest Office 2010 (Twenty Ten not Two Thousand Ten!) beta. It's free and installs very quickly thanks to Microsoft Click to Run technology. Awesome.

I bought fat free coffee creamer this week. Mistake. Gross. Bad. Ick. Making my lovely hot bean juice (AKA coffee) taste bad. Darren is not happy.

Forgot to mention we had lunch with Eric, Angela and Marin last weekend. We ate at Buca di Beppo. Thanks again for lunch y'all.

Finally. Apparently the new Apple Macbook has a new feature....dog warming. That's my assumption as each time Kelli whips open her Macbook...the dogs crowd around it. They never come near my Macbook Pro....hmmmm must be that Macbook Pro models are just too cool. Get it...cool? Ha!

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