Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Contact Lens Exams.....a scam brought on by the Obama Administration

Tried to get my annual eye exam yesterday. After arriving and filling out the paperwork the secretary called to verify our insurance. Denied until 2/1/2010. Apparently my last exam was 2/4/2009 and I am only being given a 3 day grace period. Boo. I have just enough contacts to get by. I am planning on getting a cheap pair of glasses as I hate wasting contacts on days where I just sit at home.

Getting an exam every year is a waste of money for average wearers....once every two years would make more sense. I have no problem getting an eye exam yearly, but to spiff over the extra money for a "contact lens exam"...scam.

Kelli hasn't been blogging about the energy sucker this week so I will do a quick wrap up here. The energy sucker has introduced his buddy morning sickness. Morning sickness at first only had his friend dry heaves but this morning the whole shabang arrived. Additionally Kelli's already spotty short term memory is getting a little worse. Me...well I'm not infested with anything but sarcasm.

I love Need For Speed Shift.

This cruise will be the longest I will be unplugged from the Internet since I was 11 years old. Yeah 22 years. I am sure I will break down and check in at some point. I did find an Internet Cafe in Nassau last year.

I work today and tomorrow...then off till February.

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