Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm not a local

Cruise was fun. Of the three cabins, we charged the least onto our onboard account. Kelli and I spent roughly $600 for onboard charges. Jami (sister in law) and Kelly (Jami's girlfriend) spent roughly 1/3 more while Peggy and John....well I will say John charged a good amount.

This time we sailed on the Norwegian Dawn. The boarding process was fast. We arrived at 1:20PM at the pier and were on board within 10 minutes. Most of that time was walking.

The rooms were larger than the Norwegian Sky. The bathroom was much larger. Having a window in the room was nice....we didn't look out of it much though.

The Dawn is much larger than the Sky. One thing was odd. We could feel the ship counteracting the waves while on the Dawn. There are water jets on each side of the boat that are controlled by a computer to attempt to quell the normal rowing of the boat. It did a good job, but we could feel the jets shooting out. It wasn't rough....didn't make anyone in our party sick....but we could feel the jets. We didn't feel anything while on the Sky.

Some time this week I might put up a full review. I'm still pretty tired. I think Kelli and I had so much energy on the cruise because we were eating all the time. There is a food available (free of course) 24 hours a day while on a cruise. The food was very good for the most part. The scrambled eggs were always too runny and the biscuits and gravy were cooked up by someone who has never been to Texas.

The stops in Grand Cayman and Cozumel were too short too see much beyond the shopping areas. I would like to fly back to Cozumel one day and see more. Apparently I look Hispanic as several vendors and residents of Cozumel would approach me speaking Spanish. "But Darren they probably only know Spanish!" No.....because many times I would be walking behind a Caucasian and the vendor would greet them in English...then I would approach....out came the Spanish. I was even sitting in a courtyard in Cozumel when I was approached by 3 people trying to invite me to a local church gathering that night. When I spoke English one of them spoke in perfect English, "Sorry we thought you were a local." Hmmm yeah. Guess I should brush up on my Spanish.

Kelli didn't get sick much on the cruise. Just queasy. Once she got back that....upchuck city. Odd.

Getting back from Miami was a little tricky. The direct flights showed to be full all Saturday when we looked Friday night. Peggy and John were flying thru Dallas onan 8AM flight then connecting to a Portland flight. Kelli and I decided to simply go through Houston on the way back. The flights were less than 1/4th full. Of course the next morning we saw that the first Miami to Dallas flight went out with 20 non-revs AND empty seats. This is common as people change their minds on getting up super early for a flight. Oh well. Our one stop flight home thru Houston went fine.

My netbook did fine for the cruise. Didn't miss the Macbook Pro.....much.

I don't think I want an flash.

I want a new slot machine....Super Stars Spin. I had a blast playing it while on the cruise.

Photos of the cruise posted sometime this week.

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