Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Each time I try to make my life better....ugh

It's not secret that I love computers. I sleep next to one....a big green one.

When Kelli met me I literally had 15 computers WIRED (no wireless baby) together in a 500 square foot apartment. It was ugly...but I lived alone.

Since then Kelli has been putting something in the air (I can't say food....she doesn't cook) to get me to reduce the number of computers. Right now I have 4 computers and 2 laptops. One computer is the server that downloads tons of video to stream to the Xbox 360, records and serves up video for the security cameras and backs up the other computers. Another is my bedroom computer that I use mostly late at night while watching the news and in the morning while....watching the news. The third is a computer that used to serve up music to the XBOX and fill up our Zune HD's. The third is being replaced with a smaller...more energy efficient (and quieter) computer.

I had a Dell GX260 in storage that is perfectly suited to stream music and load up our Zunes. The computer is small and quiet. The computer it's replacing is the exact opposite.

Moving all the music and data takes time. During this time I foolishly upgraded the software on the server that serves up video (I use Tversity). This meant this morning I HAD NO MEDIA! No music! No Video! I was going nuts. The software upgrade reset a crucial setting that allows video to be streamed from the server. Took me 15 minutes to figure this out. All is better now. It was a tense morning. I hate silence and never watch "real" tv after 7AM.

Some time soon Kelli and I need to get started on the room for I-Mixed (name of the week...sounded funnier in my head).

I got an email for the following cruise offer:

New interline rates posted for Carnival, Celebrity, NCL and Royal Caribbean.... incredible price on the Norwegian Sun, South America Cruise on Feb. 14th for 14 Nts. Rates from $299/Inside, $399/Oceanview, $599/Oceanview with Balcony and $899/Suite

Wow....$299 for a 2 week cruise! Ugh....work is sooooo getting in the way of my vacations!

Really want a new slot machine.

Still workin' on those vacation photos.

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