Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybe I do need a pad

Had a great weekend in Sacramento. While there I played with Jami's IPhone. This was my first time really using one. It was nice. I downloaded two free apps I had heard of and both worked great. So great in fact....that maybe I do want an IPad.

My birthday is coming up. Kelli always needs hints on what to get me. So let this serve as a hint.

Just one more year till my lease is up. I'm at 14,300 miles right now....22,o00 miles to go. Think I will be okay. Kelli isn't budging on letting me get a FJ Cruiser.

I think I'm going to actually finish the floors in March. Very little work to be done. We have just been lazy about it.

Turning the big 33 in March. Not sure how I feel about that.

That's about it. Supposed to fly to Houston and back and be done by 11AM. My first plane was broke after all the passengers were on. Had to offload them all and am waiting for the next plane to arrive. It just did. Guess I will go to Houston and back now.

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