Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can I see twice as well?

Vision coverage...eh. I am going to see how much Kelli is paying for it.

When I went to the Dr. I walked out paying $115 out of pocket even though we have "insurance". The insurance covered up to $130. The unrequested Toric Lens Exam cost $127. The regular exam is $85. I haven't used Toric lenses in years...don't want them. The insurance covers up to $130 for a contact lens exam AND contacts. So the S127 exam ate up almost all of the $130.  I still had a $20 copay. The $115 I paid was for two boxes of contacts lasting 90 days.

I ordered a YEARS worth of the same contacts online for $228. I thought the insurance was covering up to $130 worth of contacts...as that's what the Dr. told me. Well I have since learned it's $130 for the exam AND contacts. Thus the insurance covered $3!

When I went to pickup my contacts I was asked to pay another $18. WTF?!?! I paid then spent 10 min in the car examining the bill and calling the insurance company as I thought I was getting ripped off. I was.

I went back in and returned the contacts and was refunded all but the $20 co-pay. The manager tried to do some double talk showing how the insurance was covering part of the contacts and that I can order additional boxes from them at a discount. I wanted to ask, "can I see twice as well if I pay twice as much?"

If the insurance cost more than $130 a year.....it's not really worth it as that's all they really cover.

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  1. Hey Darren guess who?...that is so interesting about your little trip to the eye doctor. Since, the last time I saw you I had those lovely sunglasses on becuase of my dialated pupils...lol..nice post! I hate insurance sometimes, but at least my last eye appointment only cost me $15 dollars. Just a warning I am not the best speller at times..lol