Thursday, February 25, 2010

Damn you garbage man

Garbage man used to come by just after 8AM. Sometime's Kelli takes out the trash as she leaves the house. Sometimes she is in a rush and I take it out as I don't go to work till 2PM. Normally I can make it out of bed by 7:30AM and take out the trash. Today I set an alarm for 7:20AM to take out the trash. I woke up at 7:19AM to the sound of the garbage truck.

It sounded like it was on the street behind our house....meaning we were next. I quickly put on pants and a shirt, yanked up the trash out of the fancy trash can (my in laws all have fancy trash's trash people.....trash) and ran see the truck already down the street. Damn them!

I am surprised about the number of people who don't know about A buddy of mine needed to buy birthday gifts for his girlfriend. We were both at the airport yesterday. He had a 3 hour break and was going to go to Grapevine Mills Mall (just north of the airport).  I then hipped him to Amazon. He found what he wanted for way less. He was shocked. people...check it out. Become  prime member! Do it!

I've started ripping our DVD's to my media center. This will both protect the DVD's from damage and allow for easier access to them from either X-Box or our home...or on the road. Ripping them will also allow them to be viewed on our phones or more likely our Zune HDs.

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