Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If we ever go on the Amazing Race

If we ever go on the Amazing Race, Kelli and I can both drive a manual transmission. Every season there is always someone who doesn't know how. In my head, if I passed step one of the application process, I would go out and learn to drive a manual!

Apparently I had Kelli on a blacklist. For the last day or so she couldn't call my cell phone number from her phone. She could text. I could call her, but she couldn't call me. Took me a while to figure out that my custom ROM on my phone has a blacklist feature. No idea how I placed her on it. Fixed now.

One year from now I will be agonizing on what to do for my next car.

My new time wasting game is the Sims 3. Fun. Almost over it. Need to find something new.

I turn 33 in 19 days. Back in High School I had a group of friends who were all born a month or less prior to me. Khristi's birthday is February 27th, Katy's birthday is March 9th, Emily's birthday is March 16th, and Elizabeth's birthday is March 26th. My Birthday is March 21st. Shop now, avoid the rush.

For Kelli I have asked for a security camera and card so  I can install a camera for the backyard. Not too expensive.

For everyone else cash. Thanks.

I carry too many devices. I carry a laptop (Netbook or Macbook pro depending on my mood), G1 phone, camera and my Zune HD. If Apple would just switch to a subscription music service I could swallow the idea of an IPhone easier. Maybe the Windows Phone 7 Series coming out will be my new phone. It will allow Zune music syncing and of course be a phone. Could be 'it".

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