Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Prius is now monitored

I've had the Progressive Myrate device on my car for a 8 months or so. Saving money....not a ton of money...about $100 a year....but still money.

For whatever reason Kelli's Prius wasn't eligible for Myrate when we switched to Progressive. Now it is.

It took a bit to find her OBD port....."that's what she said".....that makes no sense. Hopefully her driving won't make our insurance go up...if it looks that way we will just uninstall it. Looks like her trip to work is 18 miles.....took 21 minutes. With that data she will drive more per day than the average user at 35 miles a day.....but possibly for less time. It will be interesting too see how many hard stops she has.

Went to the OBGYN with Kelli yesterday. As a joke I was in the stirrups with my legs wide open when the Dr. walked in. Just kidding.

No ultrasound. Kelli thought there would be. Oh well. End of the month.

Our original Xbox 360 is having issues again. It red ringed a year or so ago. Not happy. I'm going to buy a cooler to see if it helps.

Kelli and I took a trip to the polls yesterday.

There is a church down the street that had all kinds of political signs out front. I told Kelli "that's out polling place". She insisted it wasn't as she voted at a church around the corner. I thought it would be crazy for the church on OUR street to not be where we vote. I was right.

When we walked in they had signs directing Republicans to the right and Democrats to the left. Manning the Republican desk were "white people". Manning the Democrat desk were "black people." It must have been a sight to see an inter-racial couple walk in and have the white lady vote democrat and the black guy vote Republican (notice how Republican is capitalized).

Dallas autoshow this weekend. Not sure if I want to go.

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