Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Frustrated. post explains why.

Work was annoying yesterday. Assigned to fly an empty plane to Abilene for scheduled maintenance. No Captain was assigned to fly with me. Sat in the cockpit for 20 minutes before I headed to the gate. Found out my flight had cancelled....and no one bothered to call my cell, the radio or message to the plane's computer system. Annoyed. Sure it will happen again.

Was hoping to pick up overtime over the next three days. Denied. All overtime is bid on....I am the lowest bidder always due too my seniority. Annoyed.

Macbook Pro battery on it's last legs. Don't REALLY need one as I am plugged in nearly all the time. Annoyed.

Stopped by an Aldi yesterday. Aldi is a new grocery store chain canvassing North Texas. It's a risk for them as they are a little quirky. Cash/Debit only. That's it. Gotta pay $0.06 per bag (we bring our own). Gotta pay $0.25 for a shopping cart, although you get the quarter back when you return the cart. Limited brands.

I could see doing 90% of my shopping there....Kelli about the same or slightly less. Kelli is more brand picky than I am. Off brands burned her pretty badly last year when she bought "Fruity, Toasty, O's" instead of Fruit Loops. They were gross. Still the store was a nice change from a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Small...cozy....yet high quality.

Still working on my man cave. Got some ideas.

Kelli is doing a good job updating I do a decent job updating and they are now the same site you are reading. used too be different. Eh. Maybe it will splinter off again. The domain is coming up for renewal. If I don't renew it will likely be bought by the famous Darren Byrd baseball player  (really there is one). I update my "work" blog about twice a week and once a week.....just the name of the week really.

I blog not only to boost my social media cred...but too help others. Not so much this blog, but my work blog and blog.

My geek co-hort Kerry has several blogs. She's so cryptic sometimes in her blog. I understand the need for privacy and a cloak of secrecy. She's moving somewhere....1000's of miles away. Hmmm.

Gotta cut the grass....and do house stuff.

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