Monday, March 15, 2010

33 and 5 this month

Nice weekend. Kinda bummed that normal people are traveling again. Spring break is here.....planes are very full. Impossible for us to travel. I think in the future we might have to buy real tickets if we want to travel on Spring Break with the spore.

Been on a money saving kick over the last few weeks. Doing more with less. Saved quite a bit of money over the last few weeks by cooking versus buying frozen food or fast food. I can buy fresh green leaf lettuce, raw chicken breast and salad dressing from a week for under $15. Enough spices and ideas to make at least 8-10 meals. I used to buy 5-8 frozen meals at $3+ a pop. Kelli doesn't cook....doesn't care for the things I cook. I switched from Dunkin Donuts home coffee (only used it for a few months) back to Eight O'Clock Coffee...nearly as good...$3 less a pound. Cancelled our Showtime/Starz movie package. We rarely watched those channels. Any show we watch WILL be available on DVD/Netflix streaming soon. When we want to watch a movie, Netflix has 1000's of movies available to STREAM to our TV at the click of a button. That alone will save us $180 a year. Add the $200 a year we will be saving with MyRate from Progressive...and it starts too look like real money. Still looking for new Homeowners insurance. Lots more....but the main idea is saving money without reducing our/my QOL.

Went to a St. Patrick's Day party thrown by one of Kelli's co-workers. Good time. Also in a attendance were some of Kelli's former co-workers that have moved on too new jobs. One of them mentioned about the low/no job satisfaction in their new job and that it's just a paycheck. I felt bad for them. For the most part my jobs have all had good/great job satisfaction(Janitor and Pizza resturant jobs being the exceptions). I love my job. Sure I complain about some things, but when I land  a 65,000 pound plane full of husbands, brothers, daughters, wives, pets and gifts on a windy/rainy day safely.......I feel great. After we pull into the gate and I open the cockpit door, I listen as passengers get off and say "thank you" or "great flight" or whatever. Not all of them do, but many do. When I see a kid eyeing the cockpit with awe I often turn around and welcome them up too take a look around. It's great.

Kelli is the same. She complains about some parts of her job, but she loves what she does. I can't imagine doing something I don't find rewarding. Well maybe as a short term gig, but not long term.

Can't go to Vegas in March. Might go to Boston this weekend. Maybe.

Turn 33 on the 21st. Five year wedding anniversary on the 26th.

Almost to 15,000 total miles on my Mazda 5. Of those 14,200 are mine. Seriously doubt I will drive the remaining 21,800 miles of my lease in the next 12 months.

Kelli and I did have a short conversation about the next car. Right now our finances are setup with me paying for my car and the TV's in the house. The TV's will be paid off soon leaving extra money on the table. It's plausible for us to BUY a nice car next year. The car would primarily be shared. I would likely take over the Prius as I drive so little I could buy gas once every month and a half. Of course doing this would kill the idea of a FJ Cruiser. Long time to "discuss" the prospects.

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