Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just can't throw away $1000

Moving stuff around. Our old sectional couch was moved to the man cave. I didn't care for it. I wanted to move it to the area of the living room occupied by the slot machine and treadmill. I would then move the treadmill and slot machine to the man cave. Kelli put the smack down on my idea.

She doesn't see a need for the couch and thinks I should toss it. Well sell it on Craigslist....but we wouldn't get more than $100 or so because Craigslist people are cheap bastards. I just can't wrap my head around 90% depreciation of such a large purchase. Working on a plan B.

Throwing away a desk that I've had around for....11 years. It's been under a bed for a few years. I don't mind throwing it out because it only cost $110 at an OfficeMax 11 years ago and I've lost many parts too it.

Kelli is going to New York next month along with my mother in law, sister in law, niece and my sister in law's girlfriend. I might go. Depends if I can get time off...which is looking doubtful based on my success this month. Eh.

Back on the I-Pad fence. A Captain I fly with bought a Nexus One over the weekend. Hopefully I can check it out soon. Never actually held one. Eh.

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