Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everybody likes a little time and a half

Flying a trip on overtime Friday. Flying Dallas to Norfolk, VA and back. I start work at 9:00AM and finish at 4:30PM. My min-pay clock starts at real pay clock starts at 9:45AM....stops for 30 minutes in Norfolk and then stops at 4:30PM. The mini-clock is my per diem at $1.70 an hour. My real pay clock is my hourly wage of $37 an hour.

Even though most people get time and a half for overtime. I get time and 20%...still more money than I would get sitting at home.

Today was a good day overall. Flew to Knoxville, Tennessee and back. I haven't been there in over a year...maybe two. Nothing has changed. It was a hassle though the last 12 minutes. ATC had me turning and descending all over the place. Finally heading for the airport I got tired of trying to control the plane via the autopilot and just turned the damn thing off and flew it by hand. Turned out fine.

Wanted to go to Vegas this month with some friends. Not going to happen. Damn real passengers booked so many tickets that nearly every flight is oversold. Eh.

The dogs are still alive.

Coffee is good.

My pants aren't fitting as well as they used a good way. Odd as I haven't been exercising much.

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