Monday, March 8, 2010

No more ring!

I decided I no longer want a Nexus One. Not right now anyway. Six hundred dollars is too much to pay for a matter how awesome it is. If it goes down to $200-$300 I will reconsider.

Xbox 360 is fixed. No more red ring. I ordered a kit from 3 Red Light Fix via Amazon. The kit cost at least $10 more than I could have bought everything for, but it was easier to order than go driving around town.

The fix took an hour or so. I took my time. The Xbox 360 is back up and running. I was seriously considering bighting the bullet and buying a new one. Money saved!

Birthday is in 13 days. Wedding anniversary is in 18 days.

Used car finance rates are pretty cheap. I would be using a used car loan to buy my car at the end of the lease. I think. I have to do some research. I've seen "Lease Buyout Loans" as well. I THINK those loans are for those wanting to buy a leased car before the lease is up. Eh. I got a year.

My Progressive Myrate came in handy while getting an oil change. I noticed other customers who came in after me leaving before me. I hopped on the Myrate website and noticed it was moved 3 times but had been sitting for 30 minutes. Sure enough when I got home I noticed the last time it was started was when they called me, meaning it had just been sitting. I didn't have an appointment, but when I called they said they weren't busy and I could be out quick. Not. Oh well....I only get oil changes every 6 months. Just one or two more left.

I like high stress, mentally challenging games. Mostly games where several task must be handled at the same time. Car racing games fit the well as air traffic control games. I haven't found a perfect game yet. Lots of "almost there" games.

We went way out to Richardson Friday night to watch Angela, or, play in a softball game. Eric and Marin (their daughter). We had a good time. Marin was a little more open talking to Kelli and I than before. Hard to believe Marin is 3 years old. I wonder if they would be willing to watch Moombassa for a few years. It will be both of ours, we will just keep it at their house.

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