Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mooke, You ARE the father!

For the first time since February 09 I have a month of getting up early like a normal person.

For April I have the 6AM-2PM shift for airport standby. I hate this shift as I have to leave the house at 5:20AM for a 10 mile drive to work. I get to the employee lot in 15 minutes. The employee bus is random so I have to put in 20 minutes for it to arrive and take me to the terminal. This gives me a 5 minute buffer.

"Mookie, You ARE the father!" Kelli and I are planning on visiting the Maury show next month when we go to New York. Should be fun.

My battery release lever broke on my netbook yesterday. Talked with a tech support guy in India yesterday. Annoyed. They are shipping me a box for repair. If it's found it was accidental breakage it's a $89 fee. Of course it's accidental! I might just try and "fix" it myself. Spending 1/4 the cost of a computer on a repair is kinda silly.

Ipad launches this weekend. I will go play with one at least.

Now to get the taxes done......ugh.

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