Monday, March 29, 2010

Five year wedding anniversary

As of last Friday we were married 5 years. Wow.

Flight out was fine. We took the first flight out which meant a 6:45AM departure. Very open flight, we got a row to ourselves!

I rented a "mid-size" car from Alamo for $60 all in. Once at the facility I noticed a severe lack of options. Chevrolet HHR's and a Chevrolet Impala. Both aren't known for good gas mileage. A bit away was a VW New Bettle. We got it. True it wasn't a mid-size, but it got good gas mileage, concealed our luggage in the hatch and was fun to drive.

We attempted to find a seafood resturant I read about online. The "Daily Catch" had great reviews. I searched the address on my Android (screw I-Phones!) powered phone and used the built in turn by turn navigation. Boston has a lot of loooooong underground tunnels. Tunnels means no GPS. Ugh. The first location for the Daily Catch was on a crazy busy street. No parking. We left to another location. This is where is got interesting. Since we had no idea where we were going we blindly followed the navigation system directions. We quickly had a problem. The navigation was trying to get us go back across a huge bridge we just crossed. Fail. I used the map to find my own way. About 30 minutes later we arrived on the street. Drove by...saw it....parallel parked and paid the meter. Then we walked up to a closed resturant! WTF!?!?!? Middle of the day on a Friday NEXT to a huge college campus! Ugh. We picked a nice Thai food restaurant.

From there we headed to the USS Constitution. After walking through the museum and the ship, we drove around downtown for a bit. Very interesting city. We never realized how many colleges and Universities are in Boston. Wow.

Our hotel was in "north" Boston...which is really a whole different city. We used our Starwood Points for the room...just 3000 points! Our old Holiday Inn System typically required 25,000 points for a room....that's as much as an airline ticket!

The hotel was nice. At first.

After eating dinner at a Boston chain called Ninety-Nine we called it a night. The hotel is huge. For some reason they put us in the same hallway with a group of teenagers on a school trip.

Lots of running down the hall and yelling. Several calls to the front desk. We were almost ready to change rooms when they finally settled 11PM. WTF? The next morning the chaperone assumed everyone in the hall was in there group and knock loudly on every door at 7AM. Not happy.

Day two had the first stop being the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. Amazing experience. Beautiful location right on the bay. From there we stopped by Sam Adams for a very intimate tour and tasting, Doyle's Cafe for an awesome lunch (and free fancy Sam Adams beer glass !!!), Fenway Park, the Cheers Bar and finally the Battle of Bunker Hill Monument.

We drove almost 200 miles and only used 6 gallons of gas. Score.

We tried for First Class, got coach. Awesomely the gate agent assigned us coach seats 2 hours in advance. This has never happened before. Normally when we list for First Class we get seats after boarding as started even if First Class is full. Again we scored a row to ourselves even though the plane was nearly full.

In front of us was a couple with a baby who had the aisle and middle. At the window was a single guy. The look on his face when he saw the baby was priceless. Pure terror. He scanned all around for an empty seat. Over and over again. He stayed put.

The baby was very happy. Think they said 8 months or 13 months...fat baby. Laughed the whole time...all four hours. For about 30 minutes the parents held the inflight magazine and let the baby tear our pages and toss them in the air. I could hear the ripping even though I was wearing my comfy Bose QC-15 noise canceling headphones. Annoying....and a mess!!!!

Next trip is New York next month. Pretty sure that will be Kelli's last trip for a while. Gonna be traveling on my own for a while. What? I'm not the one who got knocked up!

Too lazy to place the photos in the text are the photos from the trip...Captions even!

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