Friday, March 5, 2010

She is her father's daughter

Took me a it to get the MyRate device installed in Kelli's Prius. Finding the OBD port was a challenge.

On the first day it was sending up data I thought I was going to have to send it back. Kelli had 6 hard stops! One of her way to work, four on the way to CVS on the way home and one during the one mile drive home from CVS. By comparison I have an average of ZERO hard stops in a day. Kelli and I discussed how she, "came out swinging....or stomping".....and I'm happy to say the last two days have been better. The data even showed her that her drive home was 1.6 miles shorter than the drive to work. She has since decided to modify her commute to go to and from the same route, saving miles and gas. The amount of gas saved is equal to an entire tank. For her that's about $18. Not a lot, but it's money saved without requiring effort.

My father in law taught Kelli to drive. Let's just say he has had his fair share of tickets. He's had his fair share, mine, Kelli's, the state of I have been fortunate enough to not be in a vehicle where he has been at the wheel in years. My mother in law is the exact opposite kind of driver. Don't know why she wasn't the driver's ed teacher for the house.

It's no secret that I love gadgets. What might not be known is Kelli gadget collector of sorts as well.

Kelli loves household gadgets. She buys all kinds of cleaning gadgets. Some expensive...some cheap. Most end up like my gadgets....gathering dust.

Her new "gotta have it" is a roomba. With the new floors, dog hair is much more visible. Much more visible. Her Dyson and a broom do the trick....but a roomba does it without any effort. A roomba with good reviews on picking up pet hair is $350 . Maybe for her birthday.

I think my new game, Forza 3, killed my Xbox 360. Forza is very demanding in the graphics arena. My previous main game, Need for Speed Shifty, was nice, but not as perfect. I ordered a repair kit as that 360 is almost 4 years old and Microsoft wants $99 to fix it again. I don't feel comfortable paying for it to get fixed as the lasted about 15 months. The new 360's are much improved and don't have this issue. A new one is $180. Eh.

Think I am going to hang on to my Macbook Pro for a while. Nothing wrong with it beyond the battery.....and I don't use it unplugged that often. Maybe in the Fall.

Birthday coming up. Kelli is currently debating one of two gifts for Apple I-Pad 32GB or a Nexus One. She has 16 days to figure it out. Of course the I-Pad won't be out till April 3rd. Hmmm.

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