Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Insured for less

Our homeowners insurance is up for renewal. Homeowners insurance in Texas is expensive.

Right now we have Farmers Insurance. We started with Allstate when we bought the house in 2004. We switched to Farmers 3 years ago. Last year our policy was $1175. This year it was going to be $1350! Ouch.

I began shopping for new insurance. Call it wasteful, but I prefer to be properly to slightly over insured. We don't carry "state required minimum" insurance on our cars. We are insured so that if we hit a Mercedes S500 full of a family, the insurance will pay for their car and all of their medical bills. State minimum won't do that.

Same for homeowners. I shopped around. Allstate initially quoted $985 for apples to apples coverage. Nice. However after "refining" the quote it went up to $1120. WTF?!?!?!

I called my Farmers agent yesterday and discussed our situation. He said there is a new product for newer homes that might lower our premium while providing better coverage. The thinking being new homes are built better and aren't as likely to suffer damage as older homes. Sure policy...$1020. Score!

Think we are going to Boston this weekend.

Decided to keep my Macbook Pro for at least 6 more months...maybe another year. I don't play games anymore. It is plenty speedy. Should last fine. Just need to get a new battery at some point.

The dogs are still alive.

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