Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love New York?

I'm just a pawn.

My company just announced new service out of JFK/LGA which likely means less service out of DFW....maybe ORD...probably DFW. This could once again mean me up for losing my seat....maybe once again....commuting. On the plus side, we will now have many more options to get to and from New York. Hmmm...even my family members can soon use JetBlue to connect to AA flights.

Uverse is upping the Internet speeds....super fast not Fios fast (Eric would look at my speed and feel pity for me), but pretty fast.

Internet speeds haven't really increased as fast in the United States as I thought they would. I have 1/4th this speed back in 1998. One would think Moore's law would kick in...not here. In Europe, Japan and other nations they have 100Mb/s + speeds. Eh.

Today is the day we find out if Kelli needs to learn how to shop for make up and dresses or if I need to buy "How to throw a Football for dummies".

So I've been rolling with a Nexus One for about a week. I love it. Simply love it. The Android experience is 100% better with this phone over my previous G1. Everything is faster and more fluid. I can literally speak into the phone to create a text message. The accuracy is 90%. There is a noise canceling microphone on the back which helps with call clarity. To test I was sitting under a huge A/C fan/blower yesterday at the airport. It was hard to talk to the person next to me. I called Kelli, she heard me clearly. Awesome. Games are much better. Everything is better. I'm trying to convince Kelli to get one for herself.

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