Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time to go Shotgun shopping

I already have a shovel. I need to read up on shotguns. With 42 now deemed female....I need a shotgun to ward off the boys.

During the ultrasound yesterday the tech scanned all around. I kept looking for "it". She didn't get to "it" until almost the end. Seeesh. She was positive it's a girl.

They allowed for us to bring in a DVD  for the session. It stated DVD. I thought it would be a video of the entire session plus photos. Nope...6 photos....less than 1MB. Are you kidding me? A DVD holds 4700 MB! A CD would have been fine....hell a USB key. Eh. Neat tech I guess.

Eventually there will be an Amazon Baby Registry. I started one (click here)...please don't buy anything on it...well the I-Mac I guess....ha!

Gonna do the taxes today.

Our homeowners insurance is down to $925 a year. New policy from State Farm written for people with newer homes. Nice savings.

Wingstreet "burnin hot" wing sauce is no Fing joke. It's really hot. Taste awesome...but really F'ing hot. A pleasurable pain for sure...but it's really F'ing hot.

Photos of my daughter (which is damn odd to type) is over at

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