Sunday, April 25, 2010

Screw rational thought

Screw rational thought. At least that's what my thought process is now.

I've spent much of our time in New York thinking about cars. As much as I am content with my Mazda5.....I'm not happy with it. So I began mentally going through what I want in a car that I could seriously keep for 7 years.

Style, power, gas mileage and roominess.

The previous GMC Terrain that was on my short list was taken off.....too small a cargo area.

Now it's the Toyota Venza or Toyota Prius. The Venza is a crossover SUVish wagon vehicle. It's based off the Toyota Highlander. A loaded Venza with a very powerful V6, leather, 20 in wheels (standard on V6 models)  and panoramic sunroofs (plural!!!) can be had for around $30K....which is my absolute hard limit for a car.

I've seen a few Venzas on the roads here.....very stylish....semi SUV looking and even with a V6 averages 23MPG...which is my low point. I won't buy a car with anything lower than 23MPG average. A 4-cylinder Venza gets better gas mileage...might be enough power. All Wheel Drive isn't terribly expensive, but I could live without it.

If I totally hate the Venza (not likely as I've been reading about it for 4 days) then I will likely head to a Prius. The new one's are smaller than our 2004 model. We're only having one kid and likely won't be driving more than 2 hours at a time, but having extra space for bulky objects is nice.

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