Monday, April 12, 2010

Just another boring Monday

Worked a lot lately. Worked the first 6 days in a row this month. Off one day. Worked Friday. Went to Houston Saturday morning. Dinner with Eric, Angela and Marin Bridges Saturday evening. Back at work Sunday morning at 6AM. Work thru Thursday.

Kelli is very happy with her new phone so far. Better battery life, more snappy...and it's just hip. Did have a slight issue with it yesterday. Hope it's solved.

New Macbook Pro's are supposed to be out tomorrow. Likely not getting one. Still burning desire for a tablet computer.

I gave up a lot of salt months ago. Gave up sugar/high fructose corn syrup and the like two weeks ago.

I go through headphones kids go through clothes. I never spend more than $20. Why? Because I lose or break them about every other month or so. It happens. is best for me. Decent/nice headphones for under $10 shipped. Nice.

I've had a decent linux box running for a while. It did what I wanted....basically download Torrents. With the death of my Time Capsule I wanted to turn it into a print server. After three days I gave up. Threw on Windows. Maybe next time Ubuntu.

Kelli is having a case of the Mondays. Her Zune decided to empty itself of everything this morning. I set it up to reload this morning. Then her phone wouldn't make any phone calls. Then her check engine light went on during the drive to work. Then her political views changed to wait...she's always been a Democrat.

Till next time...

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