Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buy something nice for yourself

Kelli finally spent some money on herself. She's been saving money for a while. I think she's been dosing my coffee for a while to condition me to have an offspring. The amount that she's saved up is too size able to have been saved in the last year or so. Hmmm well I guess I first brought up the idea of increasing the intelligence of the gene pool back in May 2007 when I registered Byrdintheoven.com. Hmmm. Bleh.

Kelli got a nice bonus at work yesterday. Previously she was going to buy me a Nexus One or Ipad for my birthday. I ended up spending my own birthday money on a Nexus One.

We stopped by the Apple Store and I test drove an I-Pad. In the scheme of Marble Slab....I liked it.....didn't love it....don't gotta have it. The biggest "Doh!" was it couldn't load up my company scheduling software as there is no full java support. Fail. Maybe I-pad 2.0.

Kelli is a saver. She wanted to save the money for Fluffy. Leaving the Apple Store I told Kelli she should spend her bonus money on something she really wanted. She wants to ride the new Harry Potter ride out in Florida. Preggo my eggo means she can't. So instead I convinced her to buy a new phone. It took some prodding but she finally ordered a Nexus One of her own. It should arrive Thursday.

I'm still very happy with my Nexus One. Snappy...runs all my apps. It's great. I am sure Kelli will be happy. Our former T-Mobile G1's were never super devices. They did things just fast enough to be useful. The Nexus One is light years ahead. Everything just works. Better than an I-Don't for sure.

For my birthday Kelli bought me something much more sensible and less expensive than an Ipad or Nexus One. She bought me a car dock for my Nexus One. Being sensible she didn't buy one for herself. Eh.

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