Friday, April 16, 2010

Screw the kid

Taxes are done. I love OMFGAKAC (OMFG + Kick A Cat!). The site is made for flight crews (i.e. Easy!). After reading the basic directions and following the step by step guide for Tax Cut...our refund amount changed for the better. I wish I would have used this last year, we would have gotten back a lot more. I know I could refile. Eh.

Kelli would have none of this "save the money for the baby" stuff. She wants that money spent and fast. She wants to use the money to pay off our ZERO percent interest TV. Hmm....I will follow orders...she wears the pants...and I iron them.

Seems we have no idea where we stored our taxes from last year. We have 2007 and 2008. Thankfully H&R Block allowed me to download them for free. I am going to store them on the homeserver as well as in long as Kelli doesn't delete it. I did the same for the 2009 taxes.

The flights to New York look like a go. We have cars rented at both Newark and La Guardia as we don't know which we will be flying in to. This will be the first time for us to ever drive in New York.....yeah about that. Should be interesting.

As of now I work on the 21st until 2PM. We are going to hop on a 4PMish flight, arriving around 9PM. Not sure when we are flying back yet.

I've been using the Mac side of my Macbook Pro more lately. Sure wish there were more games for Mac. I' been playing MLB2K10 a lot on the Windows side. I know Steam is coming to Mac. Eh.

Sitting at the Toyota dealer. They are insisting on doing the "unintended acceleration pedal fix". Whatever.

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