Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I won't miss it anyway

Right now I am paying a set amount every month paying off our TV's. They are all from Best Buy on no interest plans. Kelli and I love free money. We've done SEVERAL no interest deals. The TV's will be paid off soon. I decided when they are done being paid off, the money will be deposited into an ING account for use for the offspring. There will surely be events that come up where we need money for something. Be it ballet lessons, computer programming classes, flight lessons (what I'm a Flight!) or whatever. By rerouting the money I will never miss it.

Kelli and I have been putting money into a house fund for a while. We are moving and figured it would be a good idea to save up money for a down payment for the next house. Kelli applied for a DNA job in Japan a few months ago. The thinking being I could easily get on with a Japanese airline as they are all hiring and pay $80K a year to start. She was called last night from the company stating the job was hers if she wanted it. She did. Starts June 14th. Moving late May.

I picked up some overtime for tomorrow. Headed to Columbia South Carolina and back. Never been. Something different. Flying with a Captain that also has a Nexus One.

We have rearranged the bedroom. Much more open. Mounted a LCD monitor on the wall on my side of the bed. The monitor is on a moveable arm so  it can be pushed out of the way.

Gas prices going up. Ugh.

Progressive is estimating Kelli and I will save about $180 a year by using Myrate. I'm going to stop by T-Mobile today or tomorrow as I think I can lower our phone bill by $10 a month while gaining more minutes with no contract extension. Here are my savings to date:

Progressive Car Insurance with Myrate vs our old Geico: $210 a year

OOma home phone service vs Vonage: $300 a year

Using Zune's instead of XM radio (previously had both!): $260 a year

Cancelling premium cable (we can watch the shows later via Netflix streaming): $180 a year

Playing an April Fools joke by saying we're going to Japan: $Priceless

T-Mobile new billing plan I plan on getting: $120 a year

All told a little over $1000 a year with barely a hit on quality of life.

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  1. It's April 8th! April Fools was on the 1st!! You really had me going there for a second but I knew Kelli wouldn't just up and move right before she's a whole other country no less! :) And thinking about you driving the little girl wearing a tutu to ballet class is too funny...and too cute!!
    See ya this weekend!!